1. Expression data:

Step 3: Twelve statistical methods have been integrated here and classified into two categories (Parametric and Non-Parametric). Please select the test methods you want, then click the 'Calculate' button.

A. Parametric tests

Method 1: Student's t test (ttest)

Method 2: One-Way ANOVA (aov)

Method 3: Linear Models for Microarray Data (limma)

Method 4: Significance analysis of microarrays (sam)

B. Non-parametric tests

Method 5: Wilcoxon rank sum test (wiltest)

Method 6: Kruskal-Wallis Rank Sum Test (kwtest)

Method 7: Permutation test (perm)

Method 8: Rank Product analysis (rankpro)

Method 9: Reproducibility-Optimized Test Statistic (rots)

Method 10: Robust differential abundance analysis (msqrobsum)

Method 11: DEqMS (deqms)

Method 12: Power Law Global Error Model (plgem)